Winward Racing | Meet the Team: Kevin Leffler
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Meet the Team: Kevin Leffler

Meet the Team: Kevin Leffler

Get to know our team members throughout 2020! Starting off, we introduce the Alberto Peña:

Kevin, who was given the nickname Kitten when he joined our team, is from San Diego, California. He is an essential part of our team as he wears many hats including Transportation, Hospitality, Fuel, Tires…he does it all!

What led you to motorsports? What is your story? 

Mom and Dad took us as little kids to the local Saturday night short track races and completely fell in love!

What is it like to work for Winward Racing?

The Wards are a great family to work for! They are the most hard-working people that I’ve had a pleasure to work alongside! I’m blessed to have the greatest crew in the world!!!!

Favorite Movie?

2001 Snatch with Brad Pitt.

Favorite Food?

Burgundy Marinated Tri-Tip from Seaside Market in Cardiff, CA.

What are your hobbies? (Other than working on Racecars or driving them).

Love playing golf, go bowling, any kind of sports.

What is your favorite racetrack that you’ve been to & why?

Road America in Elk-Hart Lake, Wisconsin. The track itself is a very high speed and elevation changing. The nightlife downtown is amazing!

If you could go to any track in the world that you’ve never been to before, which one do you want to go to the most?

Martinsville Speedway in VA, Bristol Motor Speedway in TN, and Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.